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Looking for the best custom metal fabrication company in Sydney? At Fincon installations, we take pride in our experience spanning more than ten years in the industry. Since we began offering our services, we have managed to develop a good reputation with clients. We are trusted because we keep our promises of high-level efficiency and highly satisfactory metal fabrication services. Our company is known for offering the best fabrication and welding. We specialise in welding of pipelines and pressure vessels in different industries such as oil and gas, industrial refrigeration and petrochemical.

We have remained to be the choice of clients from different industries because of our high level of creativity. Our experts are versed with high-level skills on how to install, design and fabricate bespoke metalwork for homes. We have experience in the creation, designing and installation of personalised pieces of furniture, sculptural metalwork and many other architectural pieces.

At Fincon installations, we have a team of highly trained and experienced metal fabrication Sydney experts. Our team comprises of professional pipefitters, welders, fabricators and boilermakers. We’re a top choice for customers because we offer fabrication and welding for both residential and commercial needs. With our vast knowledge, there is no task that is too big for us, so you can trust us to offer 100% satisfactory services.

Our company employs the best approach in all our custom metal fabrication Sydney and all our welding works. We make use of a unique quality control approach. Our experienced team makes sure that all the parts are produced depending on your specifications. Throughout the fabrication and welding process, we never overlook anything and are focused on details to make sure that all the parts will fit well the first time. We apply the latest technologies in the welding and metal fabrication industry. We use innovative software and machinery to offer you unique quality products.

Our Sydney metal fabrication services are competitive in terms of quality and price. We charge a rate that is tailored to our clients. This is what’s made us enjoy a sustainable and strong customer base for all the years we’ve been in the welding and fabrication industry across Sydney. Call us anytime for free consultations or send us a message!

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We have a team of mobile welders , Coded Welders, Welders-(Tig,Mig,Stick), Pipe Fitters, Fitters, Fabricators and, Boilermakers


We Specialise In, Sydney Aluminium Welding, Pressure Welding, Pipelines, Tanks, Pressure Vessels for the Refrigeration & Petro-Chemical Industry and, Structural Steel and Stainless Steel Welding.


Bespoke metalwork for architecturally designed homes. We manufacture, Gates, Railings, Balustrades, Custom Made Furniture and, Custom Sculptures.

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